Documentary wedding photography is also know commonly as reportage wedding photography or  wedding photojournalism.  Basically it means capturing a ‘moment’ naturally. The idea is capturing many of these moments throughout your wedding day and when they are put together, they form a story. Your wedding day story.

Experienced documentary wedding photographers like myself have great observational skills and allot of patients. It take years to truly understand. To pre-empt a moment and be ready to capture it when it happens.

Here are a few frames that I love and perfectly describe documentary wedding photography. Often in one frame there is more than one story….

This moment is taken from the ruksati during a Muslim wedding.  As the bride leaves for her new home the Koran is held over her for blessings and good fortune. The mother of the bride embraces her daughter but what makes this image for me is the fact that you can see her dad in the background sad and in deep thought – its his turn next to embrace dady’s little girl for the final time and let her go..

During the grooms speech, when he speaks of his love for his new wife Kerry, you can clearly see she is emotionally touched and visible moved by his words.

The groomsmen struggle with the boutonniere. I like this image as you can clearly see the bemused look on one of the groomsmen’s face, The painting on the wall hints at the grandness of the venue and you can imagine the well dressed man in the painting thinking ‘get it together lads’

What make this image special for me is the fact that I have managed to capture the bride Kishay looking directly at the groom on entrance. That moment only lasted a fraction of a second but now the moment has been captured forever and can be relived again and again. The joy of getting married and seeing her groom radiates from the bride.

My style includes 95% documentary photography . The rest is made up of formal group shots and directed but relaxed couple portraits.